I had an amazing idea in the year 2010, just before I finished my post grad.

"A platform where people will be able to sell or donate their old stuff that they don't need anymore."

A unique idea that time.

So the curious software guy in me started working on it day and night.

  • Designed UI in photoshop
  • Created complete website using ASP.NET Forms
  • Added Google Ads that will make me money

I was working solo that time and was searching for Freelancing projects on side to keep up with my day to day expenses.

I thought till I don't get any project, let me just keep learning new tech and build different types of apps.

At least my resumé will be strong if I had to do the job again?

It took me about a week to build app.

I bought PuranaMarket.com (Purana means Old in Hindi). It was easy to pronounce and relatable to my target audience.

This is how the site looked


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