They say "If the first version of your product doesn't embarrass you, you launched too late".

So here I am, ready to get embarrassed.

It took me a while to think about what I should write, that could connect with me. Because let's be real, if I don't enjoy reading my own writings, why would you?.

There were so many ideas that I could pick for this issue.

Stories, Reviews, Beautiful Quotations, or Unsolicited advices that, my wife says, I am very good at giving.

But I thought let's start small with something that I can relate to. Therefore, I pick the thing that resonates most with me. Stories.

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Enough chit chat. Let's hit the ground!

Ever heard of Phil Knight?

Yes? No?

Let's jump in.

The year is 1962, Portland, Oregon.

A student at University of Oregon, Phil is fond of running since his youth days. To say running is his first love would be an understatement.

But there is one thing he doesn't like while running...

...the sneakers which are currently available to the athletes.

He believes there must be some better way of designing sneakers that don't suck.

He talks with Bill Bowerman, a famous track and field coach, who is also his current track and field club coach.

Both of them agree that he should import high quality sneakers from Japan and sell in America.

We will crush the big boys, hell yeah

Phil visits Japan and signs a deal with a shoe manufacturer company Tiger Brand.

Few days pass and Phil receives the sample.

""Bill what do you think of these beasts?" he asks

Bill is immediately sold. So much that he offers to become his partner in business.

Elated, together they setup a company called Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS).

They start selling those fancy Japanese shoes right out of Phil's car at track meets... like...literally starting from the bottom.

Fast forward to 1971, they are doing better now and want to level up their game.

They decide to hire a college student, pay him $35 to create new logo for their company which is going to disrupt the sports shoe industry forever.

Guessed the company?

Nike is born with a Swoosh.

But this is just the beginning of something big.

With ingenious designs, clever marketing, and endorsements from superstar athletes, the duo will blast off Nike to become one of the biggest sportswear giants on the planet!

As of today, Nike's market capitalization is a whopping 165 billion dollars.

All that because a person dared to dream and filled the void that he thought was required.

Nike Founder and Co-Founder - Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman

Phil Knight's incredible journey from ground up will be a case study for aspiring entrepreneurs from all the generations.

Takeaway - Dare to dream. Find the void in your day to day things and fill it with your brilliant execution.

If you want to read about Phil's journey in detail, you should definitely read the book Shoe Dog by the genius himself.

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