🌠 If people rely on you, they trust you. Don't be lazy, ignorant or arrogant to them.

😎 Don't be affected by someone who is not relevant in your story. They know nothing about your journey.

🚀 Starting something is the hardest part. If you conquer it, things will start to change.

💪🏻 Your decisions decide your character. Don't regret taking them. Instead try to improve upon them.

🔍 Finding mistakes in other's work is easy. Helping them to correct it is difficult.

🔂 If you are doing things the same way, don't expect different results.

🏆 If you start, you may fail. If you don't start, you already have failed.

⛹🏻‍♂️ Nobody is perfect. Accepting mistakes is a sign of the brave.

🌱 Success doesn't happen overnight. The fruits that you eat today were sowed some months back.

🥇 Most people fail a lot of times before they succeed. Persistence, Perseverance and Patience are the traits that differentiate them from the rest.

😃 To be Happy is simple. To be Simple is difficult.