Something interesting happened last Thursday.

Out of the Blue, I got an email from a very old client of mine. Last time I worked for him was in...early 2011 I think. ~12 years back, as a Freelancer.

I worked on 4-5 projects for him that time. Some even outside that Freelancer website to save on commissions 😉.

I was not in contact with him since then.

I exchanged a few emails with him over last couple of days to discuss this project.

He wants my team to relaunch his website with all the latest Wordpress and DirectoryPress, put better SEO and integrate latest content feeds.

I was obviously not expecting his email because I was no longer active on website.

But the guy remembered me, went through the hassles of finding our previous conversations, found my website and contacted me via the contact email.

Why did the guy take that much effort to reach me?


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