Case Insensitive Key Dictionary in C#

String Dictionary in C# is a case sensitive data structure. But many times we wish if the Dictionary was case insensitive (at least I do). In this article we learn how to create a case insensitive dictionary.

Unit test a method that returns JsonResult in WebApi

WebApis are awesome. Writing unit tests for them may not be. In this tutorial, I tell how we can parse JsonResult in our unit tests and retrieve the response values to validate our tests.

Automatic entity framework migrations in NopCommerce plugins

EntityFramework migrations is a cool feature that allows automatic upgrade of databases for your MVC applications. This tutorial lists steps to implement automatic EntityFramework migrations for your nopCommerce plugin.

How to perform automatic obfuscation using Visual Studio 2013/15?

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can automate the process of obfuscation. The tutorial uses ConfuserEx obfuscator which is pretty good for commercial projects. And the best part is it’s free to use.

How to access custom settings in NopCommerce?

Custom settings in NopCommerce are great for including some custom functionality in your theme with minimal effort. In this tutorial, I'll tell you how you can create custom settings in NopCommerce and how you can access the setting values.

How to render an angular template received via ajax from controller?

I was working on a project when I came across a problem. I had to call an MVC view containing an AngularJS template via ajax request and render it on the page. At first thought it seemed like a child's play, but unless you do it, you won't know it. So I gave it a go.

Unrecognized configuration section system.web.webPages.razor Error

Unrecognized configuration section system.web.webPages.razor Error is one error caused due to some inappropriate configuration in web.config file. Use these steps to solve this error.

How to pass data from one view to another in ASP.NET MVC

There are situations when you wish to pass data from one view to another in mvc. This tutorial will guide you through the various ways for doing the same.

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