How to improve your programming like a PRO?

You don't become a programmer in a day. It's a process that takes time. However, wouldn't it be better if you know about a few qualities that can greatly improve your programming skills and make you a better programmer?

Why we chose Liquid templating for our dream product?

Liquid is a very simple yet powerful templating language. It is ideal for applications that want to allow their customers to easily customize the UI display for their pages. In this article, I explain various technologies that we thought of before choosing liquid.

Case Insensitive Key Dictionary in C#

String Dictionary in C# is a case sensitive data structure. But many times we wish if the Dictionary was case insensitive (at least I do). In this article we learn how to create a case insensitive dictionary.

Best Google Search Tricks

Google Search is the first thing we need. It has become part of our day to day life to start with Google. In this article I list some best Google search tricks that you can use to improve your Google search results.

Unit test a method that returns JsonResult in WebApi

WebApis are awesome. Writing unit tests for them may not be. In this tutorial, I tell how we can parse JsonResult in our unit tests and retrieve the response values to validate our tests.

Url Shortener for same domain in Wordpress

Url Shortener services have increased their presence a lot. And their importance can never be underestimated. The article helps you to write URL Shortener

Move websites from one web host to another without wget

This small script will help you to transfer or move your websites from one web hosting to another without using wget

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