How my homesickness made me start my own company

Things always work out for the better. It did for me.

How we packaged all our mini tools into a single developer utility app?

We need many tools on a day-to-day basis for performing trivial tasks. Many of these tools are available online for FREE, but we wanted something that we could use offline.

HackerNews banned me in 2020. How I got unbanned.

Start marketing any new product or service that you created or some article you wrote and the experienced will say that you should post it on HackerNews for the world to know. But what if you are banned?

Why we chose Liquid templating for our dream product?

Liquid is a very simple yet powerful templating language. It is ideal for applications that want to allow their customers to easily customize the UI display for their pages. In this article, I explain various technologies that we thought of before choosing liquid.

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