Google Search is the first thing we need. It has become part of our day to day life to start with Google. In this article I list some best Google search tricks that you can use to improve your Google search results. The tricks will not only improve your productivity, you'll get some cool results which otherwise would've been hidden on 50th page of Google search. Do you ever go past Page 1 of search result?

To search within a particular site

You can always restrict your searches to a particular site. Just use site: search operator to perform this search like site:siteurl.comsite-1   To search for a keyword within a site, you can use search-term


To search for results with either of provided keywords matching

This is useful when you wish to perform the search for a number of keywords. OR is your friend. e.g. keyword1 OR keyword2 OR keyword3


You can also combine the above two and restrict search to a specific Top-Level-Domain.or-keyword-within-tld

Sometimes you may want to know the other websites which are similar to a particular website. Use to find related websites.related

To view something from Google cache

If a particular website is not available, you may wish to try Google cache to see the previous version of the website. Search for and Google gives you the cached version of the website.

To find social media profiles

To find the social media profile, you just need to prefix the username with '@' and you'd get direct links to social media profiles with matching usernames. e.g. searching for @wittylog returns social media pages of http://WittyLog.comsocial-media

Find and Download a particular movie/song/a document

You can easily search for movies and download them with this search. *Note that it might not be legal to download the movie or some documents depending on your location.*The expression to use is "index of" "movie or song or document name"index-of

To find the latest topics trending online, just prefix your search term with a '#'hashtag

You may put asterisk (*) in your search term to specify the presence of any set of word(s) or wildcards in that keywordwildcard

To exclude certain keywords or site from your search, just prefix the words or site: operator with a - sign. e.g.exclude-words orexclude-site

To search only specific keywords

If you wish to perform a hard search for specific keywords, just enclose your keywords within " quotes. Google will return results which contain the specified words in that order.quotes

To perform any mathematical operation

If you wish to perform some mathematical operations, you can search by typing the expression itself.calc-1 You can also perform some complex operations including, but not limited to trigonometry operations.calc-2

To find meaning of a word

To find the dictionary meaning of a particular word just prefix the word with meaning:


To roll a dice

Oh yes, Google provides you facility to roll a dice for you, if you don't have one. Just search for roll a dice and let Google do that job for you.dice

To flip a coin

Just like that, you can tell Google to flip a coin for you. Need to perform a toss? flip-coin

Need a Timer/Stopwatch?

So you need a timer and stopwatch, just search Google Timer or Google Stopwatch and you'd get a nice one ready at your disposal.timer

Need a Unit Converter?

Just like that if you need a unit converter, just write appropriate conversion expression e.g. 1 kg to gramconverter

And a translator

Just enter the search terms Google translate and you get a nice handy translator before you.translate